Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Miles Martin (April 1, 2008)

As told by Staci Martin

There was nothing I was more nervous about then to give birth to a child. In my last months of pregnancy I realized that time was getting closer and closer and the best thing you can do is educate yourself on exactly what will and might happen, but it will never prepare you for what is to come. Story after story of different experiences woman go through in that moment. What would be mine? Horror stories of the worse pain in the world, surgery, something happening to the baby? A woman can go mad thinking of the worst! I had a rough pregnancy with morning sickness the first 5 months; luckily the last trimester was a breeze. Until the unknowing would happen.
It’s hard to describe what goes through a woman’s head when she is about to become a mother. Nervous, scared, excitement, happiness! So with me it was 1 week before my due date. I was sitting at work along side the woman I was training and I felt it! Wait was that a contraction? I got up and walked around and they kept coming, but I didn’t know if they were real because they didn’t hurt, just felt like a Braxton hicks. They continued 3 minutes apart, but I shrugged it off and finished working. Got off at 5:00 then I went home still 3 minutes apart. I told my husband well guess we could try and go to the hospital and hope they don’t turn me away saying “I’m not ready.”
It was funny...nothing like the movies where everyone is rushing, panicking, and the woman is breathing heavily. I simply walked in and said “I think I’m having this baby.” Again let me remind you these contractions have been going for 3 hrs and still not hurting. I get into the ugly gown that makes you feel just as naked wearing it. They took a gander and I am 90% effaced and dilated to a 7….yeah that’s right 7!!! Who would of thought? So they take me into my, really nice for a hospital, room, I have my sweet husband, mom, brother in law by my side as we watch “Family guy.”
Doc comes in and breaks my water which probably was the most painful out of this whole experience. I mean seriously there is nothing comfortable about a man sticking his whole arm up inside you to burst open your water sack(don’t know medical term). A couple hrs fly by and I’m still at a 7…again WITH NO PAIN. Just feels like a really light period cramp…I have had worse gas before. I thought man is it all really supposed to be this painless and easy? Well I’m defiantly going to have an epidural; I wanted this experience to at least continue to be pleasant.
First I must tell you my fear of needles! I think I was dreading the epidural more then actually giving birth. Also I have seen the needle…a bad choice I made long ago to see what it looks like. I advise for no one to see this massive thing. I was still in no pain but thought well give me the epidural before I do start feeling what a real contraction feels like. I probably squeezed my husband’s hands off when they pricked me, but honestly it really wasn’t the worse prick I have ever gotten. Yet another pleasant surprise….then the dizziness and puking began. The epidural made me very nauseous for a couple minutes, then back to watching “Family guy.” The numbing was wonderful…I think most woman get uncomfortable with being numb waste down but I thought it felt very cool….I also felt very jiggly and fat, but cool.
After the epidural the nurse tells me “if you feel like you are about to go poo, like pressure down there let us know”…..couple hrs later felt like I was about to go poo, hoping that really wasn’t going to happen. The nurse comes in “he is crowning!”
Ahhhh ok here we go, nervousness starts to sink in and I think that is where I left my body. I pushed maybe 10 times and it was so unreal to see this baby coming out of me. At the time you really don’t think wow my baby…you think wow that is really gross and weird, but keep pushing. Now when you get the epidural it’s crazy to watch this happening and not feel any pain. He slid out and when I say “slid” you can feel the sliding of the baby coming out which I thought was cool…painless but you can still feel.
My life flashed before my eyes as he took his first breath. The warm spiritual feeling you get by watching a baby take its first breath is serial! I felt like I was having an outer body experience…like I was watching myself do this hovering over the bed. Even when they handed me little Miles it didn’t feel real…this is mine? There is no real way of describing what it feels like for someone other then it feels like I just had the best orgasm and I mean 100 times the power and strength. The rush of warmth, tingling, numbing, and the energy that is drained from you. I believe everything is symbolic from when we conceive a child with the one love to when we have that child. I am a religious person I know our Heavenly Father is the creator of all things. The miracle of birth is such a spiritual experience, I have never felt closer to my Heavenly Father then when he was there handing me my sweet Miles!

We had Miles at 12:15am on April 1st! There is hope for woman that think giving birth will be scary, but I had the most painless, wonderful, spiritual experience! I can’t wait to do it all over again! ---Staci Martin

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